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Brilla - Photo Booth - SHELL ONLY PKG

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Brilla...  the booth made by photo booth owners for photo booth owners.


Brilla features:

- Vertically orientated,10-point touchscreen display (not included in this pkg)

- Front LED ring light for around the lens to direct clients on where to look 

- Top box full motion tilt

- 4 front LED panel live view light with dimmer (connected to front ring light)

- Front and back LED controlled bezel with remote

- Unique one-turn rotator from portrait to landscape, no extra tools

- Attached and adjustable bounce card, bolted on and can be easily removed to use an umbrella mount that can be screwed on the top (1/4 - 20")

- Space for double internal studio flashes (not speed lites)

- Power/printer cord can either go out the back side of the bottom leg or through the base for a seamless photobooth install

- Backdoor has a piano hinge with a combination lock

- Backdoor features the ability to have a back screen (same model as the front) with or without touchscreen capabilities OR, add on the "iPad plate" and have an iPad landscape on the back side for social sharing.  (iPad plate/bracket is included, standard with all packages)

- “Easy-organize” side panels to attach power bricks or tie-down cords out of your way, (both sides).  Requires that you take this part out, install it on that plate, then screw the plate back into place on the inside.

- Compatible with any mini desktop.

- Face plates for surface pro 3/4 (and possibly for iPad/DSLR) coming soon

- No tools, only knob screws to install

- Fits all in a convenient rolling case.



This package includes:

- Brilla Top box w/ tilt, (2) legs, (1) base

- Removable Bounce Card

- LED Controlled Bezels

- LED Right Light

- LED Front panels (qty 4)

- Combination Lock on door



You will need to purchase separately:

- DSLR camera w/ power supply

- Hotshoe

- Mini desktop computer

-"1-Turn" landscape/portrait rotator

- Umbrella/beauty dish Pin (optional)

- Front Touchscreen Monitor

- HDMI cord & USB-C to USB cord for monitor

- (2) Internal Studio Flashes

- (2) flash sync cables

- (1) pc sync cable splitter

- Surge protector

- Printer stand

- Rolling case

Delivery available after July 9th, 2018.