Minbooth 4.0 + Rolling case + Printer stand 50% Downpayment
Minbooth 4.0 + Rolling case + Printer stand 50% Downpayment
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Minbooth 4.0 + Rolling case + Printer stand 50% Downpayment

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This payment covers 50% of the pre-order special for our exciting new Minbooth 4.0+.

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White Powder Coated Aluminum, Made in USA

What is included:

  • Minbooth 4.0+ (Has white LED lights that will need to be installed)
  • Mounting bracket and face plate to fit latest generation Surface Pro
  • Printer leg and trey
  • Rolling case with custom foam


Fits Surface Pro 8 and 9.

Rear monitor cut out for slideshows or branding.

Changed rear monitor mounts for new display design (offset monitor housing).

Less than 5 minutes setup time.

Internal camera mount for tilting.

Has options for umbrella/beauty dish mounting and outside flash.


Here are the additional parts needed: 

Surface Pro 8/9, DSLR Camera comes with mini usb cord, Studio Flash, USB powered Hub, Left angle cable extension, Rear Monitor (opt1), upgraded Rear Monitor (opt 2, needs SFP7), left angle usb 3.0 type B 20" cable, Angle extender USB C (surface pro 7 only), 2x dual usb fans, 6 port Surge Protector, Short Cables (2 Prong), Short Cables (3 Prong), Hotshoe (opt 1), upgraded Hotshoe (opt 2), Flash sync cable, Heavy duty Velcro, Zip ties with mounts, Padding, Camera power adapter opt 1, camera power adapter opt 2, Mini Display port to HDMI adapter, wireless remote

 for iPad upgrades from surface pro:

Mini Computer for iPad upgrades - https://amzn.to/3SHH4Gm. USBC splitter  - https://amzn.to/3y5ZyH7, USBC to MICRO USB (depends on your cam, get 1ft or 3ft) - https://amzn.to/41GddlI, Ipad 11" PRO - Renewed 3rd gen - https://amzn.to/3DrFBwN