The following provides answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about our photobooths. If you can’t find the answer to your question please don’t hesitate to email us!

“How many people can fit in the Brilla photo booth?”

A: Unlike the old fashioned photo booths, our photo booths are spacious and can fit up to 10+ people together, comfortably!

Is there a studio flash in Brilla? Or is it just LED lights?

A: It’s actually both! The front has 4 sets of LED lights that shine over 500 lumens and have a dimmer.  The front and back bezel has a programmable LED output that will shine different color patterns and is programmable with a wireless remote. Inside there are TWO spots for two studio flashes.  Above that is an adjustable bounce light.  The flash will go off when the camera captures a picture, creating a brilliant output!

Do you ship your products internationally?

A: Yes we do!  Please contact us directly at info@boothactive.com for the actual cost.

How far away should this be from the backdrop?

A: If you have a backdrop, we would recommend a distance of about 5 - 6ft; and adjusting the lens to around 24mm.

What photo booth programs can I use?

A: The photo booth program is not included in the cost. You would have to select it separately. You can use whatever software you want, as long as it works with DSLR cameras + flash.

We recommend Breeze DSLR remote Pro, and we can help troubleshoot with that program if needed. Any other program, you would have to contact their software manufacture’s tech support.

How heavy is the Brilla?

A: The top box is12 lbs but with all equipment inside, it would be about 20 lbs. The two uprights legs weigh about 9 -10 lbs total & the base is about 6 lbs. So all under 50 lbs!

What colors do you have in Brilla?”

A: Standard photobooth colors are black and white.

How does this break down?

A: There are a total of 4 pieces: the base, two uprights, and the top box. It is all held together with 4 screw knobs. That’s it! Easy as Sunday morning!

For the backdrop frame, is there a support middle pole?

A: We have both options, however, it is not needed for backdrops unless it's over 12' wide.  The extra support middle pole option is an additional $25. 

Do your backdrops fit other backdrop frames?

A: Our backdrops only fit our own backdrop frames that we know of.  The radius of our corners is _Coming Soon__.

Do your backdrops fit on drape and pipe or adjustable stands?

A: We can create custom backdrops that will fit on pipe and drape backdrop stands and adjustable stands, but the standard pullover style backdrops do not fit those frames.