Minlite updates

Minlite updates
Updates on the minlites:
Thanks everyone for your interests/purchases on the Minlites!  We’re very excited as you guys are out there!  We just need a little more time to prep, but we’re in production now!
Here are the new updates:
1) As you know one of the features of the Minlites are that it is easily transportable.  This means you can assemble them in no time!  It’s a simple stacking and connection.  However, you’re probably wondering how to secure them.  Well, you have 3 options by securing the connection points. (We just do method A ourselves)
You can either:
a) just connect them and let them be with no screw.  (Less secure)
b) use the thumbnail screw to screw them in. (Semi secure)
c) connect them and use the supplied screw with an Allen wrench to tighten for a clean look (Most secure)
Currently, we are working on a better connection, hopefully, magnetized
2) We managed to up the ante on the Minlites to make the Led from 52 LEDs per section to 80 LEDs per section, giving off more light!
So for a light stick that’s 3 sections high, that’s 156 LEDs and now it will be 240.  That’s a little over 50% more LEDs!  So yes this is going to be a bit brighter by about 15%+
(We would still recommend using a ring light or front light on your camera arm if you’re doing 360, as these are used as ambient lighting)
3) Before the way it was set up was, each bottom section light had 2 ports; a 4’ extension MALE port and a 6” FEMALE port.  We decided that each light will have a 6” Male and 6” Female port and giving the end-user the ability to get longer cords if needed or a shorter one.  In the video that is a 4’ extension
4) We’ve been in works to get these cases created so that you can protect your investment.  This is what is actually taking the longest time.  Your product will come with a case, even if we have to ship it to you after the fact.
We are still looking at getting these in mid April, hoping sooner than later with the new updates.  
Updated dimensions:
• Height:
(1) LED section is 19.75"
(3) LED section stand with base setup is - 5ft .5in tall
• Weight:
Base - 2.7 lbs and 3 sections is .85 lbs.
Total weight of (1) stand = 3.55 lbs
To answer frequently asked questions:
1) can it be 4 sections high, making it 6.6’ ft high?
- Yes you can have 4 sections high, but you will have to screw tighten them at that point
2) will you sell sections separately?
- Yes, eventually we will sell sections separately.  For now we will have them in sets of 6 and 2.
Watch the video in a completely dark room with no other lighting except the minlites and a 360 rig:  MINLITE setup
Watch the video of a sample shot with a 360 setup:  SAMPLE 360 VIDEO

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